Geogrid is a geosynthetic flat polymer roll material with a mesh-like structure. Basalt geogrid is produced from continuous-length basalt roving (untwisted threads) freely laid on top of each other and stitched together with polyester thread. Basalt fiber has very high resistance to the effects of chemically aggressive environments (5 times higher than the same properties of glass fiber), and therefore it is not damaged when in contact with salt solutions, withstanding almost any operating conditions without losing its performance characteristics.

The “BASALT UZBEKISTAN” group of companies produces several types of basalt geogrids for different purposes:

  • 7×6 (facade)
  • 25×8 (masonry)
  • 25×25 (50×50) universal
  • 40×40 (ground stabilization)
  • 40×40 (asphalt reinforcement)

7×6 Facade

Basalt facade geogrid is used in construction and building renovation for the following purposes:

  • Facade insulation (in conjunction with basalt insulation material)
  • Moisture regulation
  • Protection against aggressive influences
  • Facade reinforcement (strengthening the plaster layer)
  • Fire protection

25×8 Masonry

Masonry basalt geogrid is designed for reinforcing masonry structures such as brick, stone, and cellular concrete blocks. The reinforcement provides the following properties to the masonry:

  • Crack resistance
  • Increased frost resistance
  • Possibility of concealed reinforcement
  • Resistance to aggressive environments

25×25 (50×50) Universal

Universal basalt geogrid can be used in various areas, including:

  • Reinforcement of soil roads
  • Construction of embankments and slopes
  • Reinforcement of foundations, retaining walls, sidewalks, and pathways
  • Production of eco-block foundations
  • Slope and terrace stabilization
  • Hydraulic engineering construction
  • Soil erosion protection

40×40 Ground Stabilization

Ground stabilization basalt geogrid is used in construction and road works for the following purposes:

  • Stabilization of soil roads
  • Construction of soil embankments and slopes
  • Reinforcement of foundations
  • Soil fixation
  • Embankment stabilization

40×40 Asphalt

Basalt asphalt geogrid is used in road construction and repair for the following purposes:

  • Reinforcement of road pavement (reinforcing asphalt layers)
  • Prevention of asphalt rutting
  • Strengthening the base against destructive loads
  • Improved frost resistance