Basalt Wool produces stone wool from basalt in Uzbekistan


Basalt wool is a modern and optimal solution for thermal insulation of walls, roofs, floors, foundations, pipelines of residential and industrial premises. Furthermore, it is used for insulation of facades, industrial equipment and any other types of building structures.

Basalt wool of Basalt Wool trademark has high corrosion and chemical resistance. Furthermore, basalt is characterized by low thermal conductivity, high strength at low temperatures and durability. These characteristics make it a more suitable material for road and housing construction. The service life of basalt wool reaches 70 years.

Stone basalt wool is used for heat and sound insulation of buildings and structures, as well as constructions and pipelines. Specific applications:

thermal insulation of walls and ceilings of bathhouses;

unloaded insulation of enclosing structures of any spatial position of all types of buildings;

thermal insulation of hinged ventilated facades;

insulation in Exterior wall insulation systems (render system);

isolation of industrial equipment, networks and highways;

thermal and sound insulation of roofs.

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