About company

Our company is engaged in the production of basalt roving and many other composite building materials from basalt.
Having started our activities in 2015 in Farish district of Djizak region (the Republic of Uzbekistan), we continue developing production to improve the quality of our products and introduce new generation materials to the world market.
The total area of the plant is more than 10 000 sq.m.
Our plant has created more than 300 workplaces for the population.
The production capacity allows producing more than 5000 tons of basalt fiber per year.
Joint Venture "MEGA INVEST INDUSTRIAL" LLC is a full-range company, which was founded in 1998.
The main directions of the company activity are the production and sale of cotton yarn, the production of refrigeration equipment, plastic bags and sacks, as well as the production of basalt fiber and fittings.

Our mission is to use natural resources and innovative technologies to build reliable future for humanity.


  • Experience

    Many years’ experience in various areas of the industrial segment, provides a guarantee of stability and constant development.
  • Quality

    The technical fit-out of our production is at a high international level, which ensures the best quality of output products.
  • Responsibility

    Success in different directions is based on many-years’ history, close-knit teamwork and responsible approach to each performed task.
  • Innovations

    Basalt composite materials are products of a new generation. It surpasses standard metal materials in terms of quality and physicochemical properties.
  • Flexibility

    An individual approach to each potential partner allows choosing the most advantageous and reliable terms of cooperation for everyone.