What is Basalt

Basalt is a common volcanic rock on the Earth. Basalts were formed as a result of the rapid cooling of lava on the surface of the Earth and at the bottom of the World Ocean. Basalt rock is of igneous origin, so its structure is more like a complex mixture of amorphous volcanic glass, micron crystals of feldspar, quartz, carbonates, sulfide ores.

The force of nature.

It has been proven that basalts of Osmonsai deposit have a high content of plagioclase (anorthite – Сa[Al2Si2О8], Тmelt = 1450°C). An increase in content of silicon oxide (SiO2) -50%, titanium oxide (TiO2) -2.5% and magnesium oxide (MgO) -10% in basalts contributes to an increase in their melting point, and an increased content of calcium oxide (CaO), manganese oxide (MnO) and phosphorus oxide (P2O5) contributes to its decrease from 1500°C to 1200°C, with a corresponding decrease in the viscosity of the liquid mass and deterioration of casting properties.

Physical and chemical advantages.

Innovative materials from basalt are used actively in modern construction and have unique properties.
To maintain high quality and improve technical characteristics, we conduct laboratory tests of our products constantly using modern equipment of international level.

Quality assurance of manufactured products

Our products

Composite pipe


  • Experience

    Many years’ experience in various areas of the industrial segment, provides a guarantee of stability and constant development.
  • Quality

    The technical fit-out of our production is at a high international level, which ensures the best quality of output products.
  • Responsibility

    Success in different directions is based on many-years’ history, close-knit teamwork and responsible approach to each performed task.
  • Innovations

    Basalt composite materials are products of a new generation. It surpasses standard metal materials in terms of quality and physicochemical properties.
  • Flexibility

    An individual approach to each potential partner allows choosing the most advantageous and reliable terms of cooperation for everyone.

Our mission is to use natural resources and innovative technologies to build reliable future for humanity.

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